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SafeDrive is designed to help drivers obey traffic control rules and speed limitsUsing GPS positioning technology, SafeDrive makes realtime calculations about the exact geographic position, speed and direction of your vehicle and warns you about approaching accident blackspots and speed cameras on the roadway, with voice and visual alerts.

SafeDrive is designed to increase driver’s safety on the road and to help drivers obey traffic control rules and speed limits.

SafeDrive comes with a pre-loaded, up-to-date database of speed cameras and accident blackspots on the road network of Bulgaria and across Europe along with the correct speed limits for these zones, which database is based on official information published by national authorities, as well as on valid and “checked-on-site” user information. As this type of information is constantly changing, SafeDrive comes with a fast and user-friendly Internet update mechanism.

SafeDrive is not a radar detector. It cannot locate radar guns, waves and signals.

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