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Vehicle Tracking

EuroGPS SmarTracker is an extremely flexible and fully-functional technological platform for GPS control and fleet management.


The business products from the EuroGPS SmartTracker series lead to rapid, significant and measurable savings in using the vehicle fleet in the private and public sectors.


The EuroGPS SmartTracker product line includes 11 specialized products:



  • GPS control and fleet managementSmartTracker Classic (small and medium-sized fleets)
  • SmartTracker Distribution and Logistics (logistics industry)
  • SmartTracker Construction (construction sector)
  • SmartTracker Agra (agricultural economy)
  • SmartTracker Eco (garbage collection, snow removal and waste management)
  • SmartTracker Oil (fuel and liquid cargo)
  • SmartTracker Security (security of people, goods and valuables)
  • SmartTracker Car Recovery (car theft prevention and investigation of stolen vehicles)
  • SmartTracker Pro (for business consumers who have a small number of vehicles)
  • SmartTracker Location (for transport companies, manufacturers, traders, etc.).
  • SmartTracker Connect (two-way text communication with the driver, automatic navigation and tracking business processes by objects and addresses)


This wide portfolio of quality products allows to solve specific problems of specific customers, completely different in different sectors.


EuroGPS SmartTracker is fully developed and manufactured by ICOM. The company designs, develops, manufactures and implements all components of the proposed GPS products, including all application software, system software and basic hardware elements, whose intellectual property is created by and is owned by the company.


As a result, ICOM has serious technological advantages in terms of know-how, knowledge, skills, experience, qualified personnel, technology experts, many years of technology partnership with global leaders in the production and delivery of the element base and system software in telematics, which leads to an important result – always better technology than the one offered by competitive solutions, continuous development and non-obsolescence of the offered GPS systems.

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